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We have been in business since 2005, serving in New York City and throughout Long Island and Westchester. We have worked with home owners, builders, developers, architects, general contractors and design firms to specify, supply & install. We provide for our customers the highest level of quality window treatments.

We specializes in all types of window treatment products from Hunter Douglas, Graber, Somfy and most major manufacturers, all custom made. We at New York Solar Shades look forward to be of service on your upcoming project!


New York Solar Shades: Dress Up Your Windows
The windows that look out onto your backyard would look great if you dress them up a bit. But it’s not a job you want to tackle yourself, so who are you going to call? New York Solar Shades is the perfect choice for the job. We can install drapes, curtains, venetian blinds, mini blinds, valances, shutters, folding or roller window shades or any other decorative elements that will dress up your windows.

Not only are window coverings aesthetic, but they also help you manage sunlight, ensure privacy and add to your weather proofing efforts as well. With the help of aNew York Solar Shades you can choose just the right kind of window treatment for your family’s needs.

There are no exact rules to follow concerning window treatments so your options are essentially limitless. Of course, it would make sense to co-ordinate the window treatments with the rest of your décor, but that doesn’t mean that the color, pattern or fabric has to match exactly. In fact, when it comes to window coverings, you may choose to go bold with a daring splash of color in an otherwise conservative room.

When talking with New York Solar Shades you should keep the type of window in mind. Bay windows, sliding windows, jalousie windows, French door windows, Victorian windows all require distinct treatments that will bring out their aesthetic appeal and functionality. The basic guidelines for your type of windows can be provided by New York Solar Shades.

By layering you can also incorporate more than one type, and such treatments can include both function and style. You may choose to layer shades that can darken the room as well as let light in. While the room darkening shades block light during the brightest part of the day, the sheer shades will let more light in. Both the shades can be used in the same window by layering and this arrangement can be made highly decorative by using drapes made from luxurious fabric.

New York Solar Shades: Window Covering Options
A professional New York Solar Shades designer can offer you several treatment options to choose from depending on the style and functionality you need and also the type of windows you have. The right kind of window coverings can transform an otherwise average room into an impressive living space. And you don’t have to overspend to get the room of your dreams because a New York Solar Shades professional can provide several budget options. Of course, for the more traditional draperied look all sorts of rich fabrics are available.

A skilled New York Solar Shades designer can create exactly the look and style that you want. There are several elements that make the window covering job easy and quick, like using no-sew cornices and bay window adaptors. The new look is to do away with cords completely. Most of the traditional corded window fashions are now available as a cordless option too. Battery or motor operated lift controls, spring loaded mechanisms or simple wand pulls are used in the place of cords.

It may be a good idea to consider cordless window treatments, if you have young children at home. Young children, being the ardent explorers they are, may accidentally get entangled in long cords. Though window coverings come with built-in cord safety features, experts say that cordless windows are best in children’s bedrooms or any area of the home where they spend a long time playing. Take special care in choosing window covering options when you have young kids. With the multitude of options available with your New York window covering service, you don’t even have to compromise on visual appeal even when you place safety as top priority.

New York Solar Shades: Basic Elements
New York Solar Shades have window coverings that primarily serve three functions. They ensure privacy, control light and provide a decorative touch. Privacy is often the main concern of homeowners when they choose window treatments. If you have a bathroom window that looks out on to a busy sidewalk or the neighbor’s yard, privacy becomes the utmost concern. New York Solar Shades can provide you with a wide variety of completely opaque covering options that will ensure privacy. Vinyl roller shades are a good choice when it comes to privacy, while fabric shades can be lined and custom made to your requirements. To add privacy, curtains, cellular shades and draperies in non sheer fabrics can be used as well. Layering can combine the best of both features. Opaque shades will give you privacy when needed, while the addition of a sheer curtain will let in the sunlight.

There are also options available through a qualified New York Solar Shades professional to cut down on glare and divert light. This can be important if you work in a spot near a sun filled window or watch TV in a room that receives strong sunlight. Also, UV rays from sunlight can fade fabric and even carpeting over time, so light control is also an important element to consider while choosing window coverings. The same types of window coverings that provide privacy will also ensure light control to a certain extent. Additionally, you may also choose metal, wood or bamboo blinds or even tint the windows to significantly darken the room.

New York Solar Shades: At Your Service
The functionality of window coverings is what makes them truly useful. Consider the fit, placement and safety options you want and talk to New York Solar Shades specialist about your needs. You may want the draperies to be permanently closed or open. Or you may need safety options if you have small children at home. You may even want to go for light sensitive auto window darkening or remote control operation.



I am totally satisfied with repair.
-Ann A. New York

They did a great job. They even arranged for installation time with tenants.
-Paul, New York


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"Thank you so much for the professional installation of my window blinds. I finally have privacy, and best of all I like that It's electronic and remote and I can operate it with my iPhone thank you you are the best."Rotem Berenholtz - New York

"I am really impressed with their customer service, I had them clean all of my oversized cellular shades and have since had them come out to make minor repairs a couple of times free of charge. It's great to know that if you have a problem with your shades that someone will come out a fix them no problem!

That's why when I'm ready to upgrade my window treatments I'll give them a call." Jeremy Wagner - New York

"Best customer service I have received from a company in a long long time!!! They contacted me instantly after leaving a message. Gave me a very reasonable price and completed the job in a short time. Very happy and would use them again and recommend them to friends." Venessa Sheinwald - New York

"Clean, neat, skilled and tenacious. He kept working and was not satisfied until my shade worked perfectly.

I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to a friend."

Rhoda Feigenbaum - New York